3D character animations, short films, 3D graphics, technical animations and simulations and all kinds of animated art – from modelling, through texturing, lighting, rigging, animating to rendering, visual effects and postproduction.

Film Animation

We have been working with character animation for over 15 years. We have animated almost everything with or without legs, paws or wings. We create whole stories, short films, and we support other animation studios and filmmakers.

We produce complete custom facial and body character rigs for 3D computer animation including bipeds, quadrupeds, insects and many others for Autodesk Maya, Softimage XSI, 3Ds Max and MotionBuilder.

We use traditional and motion capture methods for animation or simulation characters and environments. We animate using Autodesk’s Maya, Softimage and MotionBuilder. We use Maxwell Render for rendering.

Technical Animation

We chose the mechanical industry as a secondary application for our animation skills, because it gives us the opportunity to learn something new, and sometimes develop new methods. These are applicable even in the character animation and simulation we use in our shorts and studies.

Our most valued clients from the mechanical industry give us the opportunity to bring some of our artistic skills right into the exact universe of engineering, and connect these two opposed worlds.